Difference Between Phase 1 and Phase 2 Orthodontic Treatment

Two phase orthodontics Yulee

We always remind adult patients that there is no age limit for their orthodontic treatment, but we also have to remind parents that there is definitely the best time to start it, which is why two-phase orthodontic treatment or early orthodontics is crucial as a treatment option for younger patients. While you as a parent can decide exactly when to bring your kid to a consultation with an orthodontist, we would highly recommend you stick to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) official suggestion to take a kid to an orthodontist checkup by age 7.

Starting any treatment as early as possible helps maximize impact, reduce discomfort, and save time and money. Two-phase orthodontics is a prime example of that.

Likewise, as a general rule, you should keep in mind there are significant advantages when you prevent the onset of health issues instead of focusing on corrective measures. With that being said, let’s explore a little more about what makes two-phase orthodontic care for children so important and how it can help your kids get the smiles of their dreams!

What Is Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment?

Interceptive orthodontic treatment refers to the several strategies used to address developing dental occlusion problems when the patient’s dental development is still underway. The goal here is to leverage any natural as your kids’ jaws and teeth move and grow to avoid the discomfort that usually comes with orthodontics.

Please keep in mind that as we monitor your child’s dental development, we’ll be able to determine if there are any upcoming problems, especially when related to a family history of dental malalignment or congenital disease; however, this won’t mean that your kid will immediately require getting braces or clear aligners Yulee. Instead, we’ll present you with several alternatives that your child can consider to determine what path works best in their case.

As a general rule, children will do far better when they start their treatment as early as possible.

Phase I Orthodontics Yulee

If the family agrees with their kids’ board-certified orthodontist to start treatment and correct jaw growth problems or develop dental malalignment, we’ll gladly set an appointment to get the process rolling.

Here are some indicators that your kid might require phase I orthodontics:

  • Premature tooth loss (usually, when kids lose a tooth before age five, they may develop crowding).
  • Constant discomfort or pain when chewing or biting down.
  • Mouth breathing.
  • Prolonged thumb sucking (usually past age 4).
  • Locking of the jaws when your kid yawns.
  • Medical history in either parent’s family of dental malalignment.

If you think any item in this list describes your kid, they might be in need of phase I orthodontics.

Phase II Orthodontics Yulee

Phase II is what most people know about orthodontics. This is the stage where we actively address dental malalignment problems with well-known orthodontic appliances. We begin the realignment process to promote better oral health and restore or achieve proper function.

Some kids may even require dental replacements as part of an overarching dental care strategy, and the more challenging cases will also require surgical options along with their traditional orthodontic care to achieve desired results. Don’t worry, though, as this is not the case for every patient. This phase will usually begin when your kid has lost all their primary teeth and their permanent teeth are still coming in. Then, your kids’ orthodontist could recommend the following options for interceptive treatment:

Traditional Metal Braces Yulee

How could we call ourselves the best orthodontist Yulee has available if we didn’t make good use of the basics? We’re talking about leveraging the power of medical-grade stainless steel; as your kid uses conventional metal braces Yulee, they can start their dental alignment process with the most reliable orthodontic appliance available.

Metal braces are the most durable option available for any patient, but kids will still have to pay close attention to their orthodontist’s recommendations to avoid any orthodontic emergencies in Yulee. Make sure to give us a call and determine how your kid can fix their smile with a set of metal braces.

Lingual Braces Yulee

Yulee Lingual braces are an excellent option for patients who want to avoid any esthetic concerns regarding their orthodontic treatment while still getting the most out of the power of stainless steel. Lingual braces are very similar to traditional braces in function, as they can correct the same type of problems. There is, however, one major difference and advantage to lingual braces: they’re extremely discreet.

They’re called lingual braces because they go over the lingual surface of your kid’s teeth. This side of their teeth is the one facing inward towards their tongue, and unless someone’s holding a mirror inside your kid’s mouth or actively looking inside of their mouth, they won’t notice there are metal brackets in there. Please contact us to ask if lingual braces can help your kid smile.

Invisalign First for Kids in Yulee

And now we have all the craze about Yulee clear aligners and their age-specific solutions for kids. Here at OnShore Orthodontics, you can ask about the various brands of clear aligners in Yulee that your kid can use to start fixing their smile. One of these options is Invisalign First, which comes with a few changes when compared to the traditional Invisalign experience for grown-ups to help children keep track of their progress.

Yulee Clear aligners are excellent for some kids because it means they won’t have to stop eating any of their favorite meals in fear of damaging their appliance. Invisalign is also removable, which can help your kid maintain good oral hygiene. Still, you should keep an eye out and remind them they shouldn’t remove their aligner trays just because.

Get In Contact With the Best Orthodontist For Kids in Yulee, FL

You can meet the doctors who will help your kid achieve the best possible version of their smile, but we can tell you right away they are highly skilled and deeply committed to delivering the best care possible to each patient with an individual treatment plan that achieves goals as efficiently and safely as possible. This is especially important when it comes to children; after all, we don’t want your kids to feel scared about coming to the orthodontist.

Make sure you set an appointment and review with our team how Yulee Orthodontics can help your kid maintain good oral health and a beautiful smile.