The Best Clear Aligners Compared With Traditional Braces

Clear aligners are an amazing solution and alternative to conventional metal braces.

The last ten years have been innovative for orthodontic treatments. New technologies have been developed and have changed the game forever. 3D scans and 3D prints are making everything easier for patients and doctors.

Those prone to traditional procedures have a hard time believing a plastic retainer can permanently straighten their smile. But facts in favor of clear aligners are abundant. Millions of dentures have been changed with this type of orthodontic treatment.

Braces are still very useful and have been positively impacted by the new digital scanners. Orthodontic patients have the opportunity to see a digital model of their dentures, which supposes a better understanding of the whole treatment plan.

This is an advantage for orthodontists, too, because being able to see a 3D image of a patient’s teeth gives them a clearer vision of the existing problems and how to fix them.

Technology and innovation are always good for humanity. And orthodontics is not an exception. This does not mean conventional treatments are obsolete now.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Braces?

Just reading that question brings a lot of answers to mind. Perhaps the disadvantages of braces are known even better than the many advantages it has for our dental health so let’s start with them.

They Make Your Smile Look Different

Some people are into the metallic and weird-looking aesthetic because it can be fun. But for some people, braces don’t look fun, they just look different, and they prefer the famous white straight smile.

Braces Can Be Painful

A mild level of pain comes together with orthodontic treatments in general because the mechanics behind the treatments demand pressure, extractions, and teeth movement. These are all painful procedures.

And braces can also cause pain and ulcerations due to the rubbing of the brackets and wires against the lips. However, this is easily fixed with a little wax.

Not Removable

Not only are brackets not removable, but they have to be cemented to your teeth, and they might seem a little abrasive.

Now let’s move to the many advantages an orthodontic treatment with traditional braces can have.

Braces Can Correct Severe Alignment Issues

The ideal Invisalign treatment patients are those who have worn conventional braces in the past. Why? Because in cases like this, people have already solved more complex problems like crooked teeth and overbite. It can take years but braces will definitely fix your denture.

They Are Fixated on Your Teeth

If you recognize yourself as absent-minded, you will agree that not being able to lose your brackets or archwires is a blessing. Losing your aligners is one of the most common issues among Invisalign patients.

Alignment Treatment With Braces Is Less Expensive

Metal braces are less expensive than clear aligners in general. In the end, you will use the same brackets during the whole extent of your treatment plan, but you will need new aligners biweekly.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Clear Aligners?

In case you are not familiar with clear aligners and Invisalign technologies, we will list the benefits and disadvantages they have, in our opinion.

Clear Aligners Cost More Than Metal Braces

As we said, there can be a difference in the prices depending on the type of orthodontic treatment you are following. Invisalign is cutting-edge technology in the field of orthodontics, and its molds are made of resistant yet thin acrylic. But the price will depend entirely on your particular case and the length of your treatment.

Clear Aligners Correct Mild Alignment Issues

Even though aligners are a wonder in many aspects of orthodontic treatment, there are still a few things they can’t treat. They can be worn by teenagers, but braces are still a safer shot in those cases where the patient has not had any orthodontic treatment before.

Invisible Aligners Need Discipline

Orthodontists recommend patients take off their plastic straighteners whenever they eat. This way, the risk of breaking the aligner reduces, and patients can eat as always. But even though clear aligners are removable, normally, they have to be worn 22 hours a day to see constant results. If you take them off regularly and for long periods, your treatment can slow down. Braces work whether you are disciplined or not.

You Can Barely Notice Invisalign

The technology Invisalign and Clarity bring to the table has been derived into a material that is resistant, completely transparent, and thin. The 3D scanning creates a perfect model of your teeth that helps map out the progressive adjustments your denture has to follow. Then in the 3D printing phase, you get a mold that will perfectly fit your teeth.

What Are the Best Clear Alignment Systems Available?

Over the last few years, the orthodontic market has witnessed a rise in the number of brands competing to create the best clear aligners. Every few years, people find more benefits and fewer issues with this kind of treatment.

However, the two brands with the best track record are Invisalign and Clarity by far.


This brand has been working to finally develop a material that is resistant yet flexible enough to wear with comfort. The new flexibility also contributes to precise adjusting to the teeth.

Clarity clear aligners offer two molds, their more flexible material and the more rigid formula. Each type is recommended to treat different dental issues.


Invisalign is a brand that has developed great changes in the 3D scanning department. They work with technologies to make the whole scanning process even more realistic and precise. This makes it easier for doctors and patients to design the best treatment plan for each patient.

Invisalign has detected that a lot of people are concerned with the whiteness of their teeth, so they have created aligners compatible with whitening treatments.

Both of these brands have millions of smiles behind them to confirm their efficiency.

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